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Healthy Ageing

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Healthy Ageing

Ageing Population

World population 2050.png

Source: World Health Organization

  • By 2050, the number of people aged 60 or older will increase to 2.1 billion (from 962 million in 2017)

  • APAC will have the largest share of ageing population

  • Could lead to huge long-term socioeconomic costs for the APAC countries

"The social and economic implications of this phenomenon are profound, extending far beyond the individual older person and the immediate family, touching broader society and the global community in unprecedented ways."

- Former United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon

What is Healthy Ageing?

As we live longer, it is increasingly important to

live better.

  • One's healthspan is the number of years he/she can live without chronic diseases or disability.

  • The key to healthy ageing is to maximize the healthspan.

  • Healthspan can be improved throughout the entire life course, addressing the different health concerns during different stages of life.

Healthspan Figure.png



Healthy ageing

*Rollover to see the top health concerns for different age groups

Age in years

Good health must lie at the core of society’s response to population ageing. Ensuring that people, while living longer lives, live healthier lives will result in greater opportunities and lower costs to older persons, their families and society. (Ageing in the Twenty-First Century, United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge International, 2012 Report)

Natural Astaxanthin for Healthy Ageing Market


APAC Focus:

What are the top indications?

Percentage of new astaxanthin product launches by region (2014-Apr 2019)

Innova Market Insights

Percentage of new astaxanthin product with such indication

Bridging the Gap

Between Everyday Life and Lifelong Wellness

  • Improves muscle strength and endurance

  • Reduces lactic acid build up

  • Suppresses inflammation

  • Helps relieve eye fatigue symptoms

  • Improves eye muscle resilience

  • Increases blood flow to the eye

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Improves hydration

  • Protects skin collagen from UV damage

  • Reduces skin pigementation

  • Suppresses inflammation

  • Improves blood lipid profile

  • Helps manage blood glucose level

  • Reduces systemic inflammation

  • Promotes circulation

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