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Food Ingredients Asia 2018 with AstaReal in Jakarta

Updated: May 7, 2019

After successful events at VitaFoods Asia 2018, the AstaReal team exhibited at Food Ingredients Asia 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The role of the Asian region in the global functional food trade has been steadily growing for the past decade, so we thought this was the ideal opportunity to introduce natural astaxanthin as the perfect functional ingredient for new food and beverage formulations.

Booth Design

The idea behind our booth design was to allow our visitors to understand how we produce natural astaxanthin in our facilities, why our unique production method allows us to deliver the highest quality astaxanthin and, at the same time, display concepts and real life products—all the while enjoying a cup of our special Asta-coffee: an astaxanthin enriched coffee prepared on the spot by our baristas team.

We did not stop there though. Wanting to help our visitors design their next star product, using natural astaxanthin, we created an inspirational menu suggesting combinations of ingredients targeting specific health benefits & needs, from eye health to brain enhancement passing through mobility and energy with one common denominator: AstaReal natural astaxanthin in all its various formats.

Technical Seminar

During the event we had the possibility to educate visitors throughout our seminars on: Top Healthy Ageing Trends & Opportunities in Indonesia introducing market information, product quality importance, displaying examples and distributing tasting samples to more than 50 attendees.

Visitor’s Requests Our visitors were mostly interested in understanding the differences between the various producers of astaxanthin, the safety of AstaReal astaxanthin, and what formats were available to be added to beverages and fortified foods. We were happy to help them understand how the production methods of the astaxanthin ingredient affects all these key factors as “all Haematococcus pluvialis makes astaxanthin but not all astaxanthin is AstaReal”.

We look forward to meeting you at Food Ingredients Asia 2019 with more exciting content!



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