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HSIAS Industry Workshop 2018 Presentation

Updated: May 27, 2019

The president of AstaReal Pte. Ltd. was invited to speak at the November 2018 industry workshop organized by the Health Supplement Industry Association, Singapore (HSIAS). The workshop was an extremely educational and productive workshop and highly recommended to others in the industry.

The theme of this year workshop is focus on the regulatory issue involving  the Health Science Authority of Singapore (HSA) that is now working on the ASEAN Harmonisation Complementary Act, which will cover the approval process of all health supplement products in Singapore under two categories – Health Supplements and Traditional Chinese Medicine. HSIAS played a key role in shaping this Act with the HSA.

As part of the workshop, Dr. Vincent Wood presented the best practices on how an ingredient manufacturer like AstaReal also prepares for the ASEAN harmonisation implementation from the beginning of the stage of product development to provide a smooth ongoing support to our customers.



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