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Food Ingredients Asia 2022: AstaReal® brand’s recognition and awareness reaching new heights in Thai

Asia is the fastest growing region for Astaxanthin-based products, expanding almost doubled y.o.y from 2017 to 2021. Particularly in Thailand, AstaReal team is pleasantly surprised when we found out that so many customers coming to our distributor booth looking specifically for AstaReal brand of Astaxanthin.

We are thankful to our distributors & customers in educating and raising the awareness of AstaReal Astaxanthin health benefits to the consumers, solidifying AstaReal as the leading brand of Natural Astaxanthin in Thailand.

Rising trends: Supplement in innovative format

Supplement in Asia grew 15% from 2019-2021 reaching the size of USD 140 Billion due to the pandemic. One of the main reasons is due to the consumers are becoming more health conscious and taking supplement is one of their preferred method to stay healthy.

Although capsules and tablets are still the most common format for supplements, the growth of innovative format such as gummies, beverages & powdered drinks cannot be ignored. For example, in Asia, new product launches in gummies format grew 94%, while other format such as effervescent tablets and lozenges grew 51% post pandemic.

Ingredients trends in Thailand

During our technical seminar, we also highlighted some trending up and mainstream ingredients in Thailand for supplement and provided the insight for product developers to use the combination of these ingredients with Astaxanthin for their new products concept.

For example, Astaxanthin could be combined with other #nootropics ingredients such as EPA, DHA and alpha lipoic acid to improve the cognitive functions for better mental and mood health, which is one of the biggest problems caused by the pandemic. Not forgetting the #skin health which is still very big in Thailand, we think Collagen in combination with AstaReal® Astaxanthin in format like water-soluble powder and beauty shots will be the next era of beauty supplement.

AstaReal innovative grades & solutions

AstaReal offer various product grades for different formats and applications. We are excited to discuss how AstaReal can support your new product development with our award-winning Astaxanthin and 360º multidisciplinary collaboration ecosystem.

Thanks to the support from AstaReal Group companies @AstaReal @AstaRealUSA @AstaRealSweden for coordinating and providing samples from all around the world, we had a very successful show, exhibiting our customer's products from all over the world.



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