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Healthy Ageing APAC Summit 2018 in Singapore

The AstaReal Group was a diamond sponsor of the inaugural Healthy Ageing APAC Summit, which focused on nutrition and food solutions to meet Asia-Pacific's growing population challenges.

In his talk on the relevance of healthy ageing for various age groups from a health span perspective, AstaReal's Dr. Vincent Wood highlighted mobility as a common health concern across different generations.

Science Leadership

This year marks 30 years of research & innovation in natural astaxanthin by the AstaReal Group, and was an opportunity for representatives from AstaReal Singapore, Australia, India and Japan to meet with industry representatives, policy makers and academics, to discuss the science-backed benefits of natural astaxanthin for aging populations across the region.

AstaReal astaxanthin has been the subject of at least half of all clinical studies on astaxanthin. Dr Wood explained that it was not only necessary to ‘spread the science’, but also to translate it into consumer-accessible language for business to succeed. With consumers tending to consider all antioxidants to give the same benefits, it is important to effectively communicate astaxanthin’s unique benefits.



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